MH17 – still a mystery

After MH370 disappeared without trace, its sister aircraft MH17 met a violent end over the Ukraine a few months later. But the story of the plane the world forgot just got more and more weird.

The world has moved on from this story and that of its predecessor MH370 after one of the biggest media blitzes of the last decade. It is puzzling how the story seemed to shut down after 24/7 coverage in the media for six months.

You’d think after all the bitter frustration of failing to find any trace of MH370 – even a cushion or a lifejacket – the world’s media would have jumped on the retrieval of the flight data recorders from MH17 and we would be awash with documentaries and investigations. But no, it’s still eerily quiet out there. Why?

Picture of the wrong plane

The answer to this question may lie in some strange information which has now surfaced. It is centred around a picture taken by a passenger and the official media shot of the plane. Neither appear to be the correct plane.

The picture at the top was taken by mistake by a Dutch passenger who died in the attack and has only now come to light. It throws the official version of which plane was shot down into doubt.

Shortly before he boarded MH17, Cor Pan, a musician from Holland, took a snap of MH17 on the stand. He posted it jokingly on Facebook with the caption, “This is what the plane looks like if we get lost.”

The story gets a little complicated from here on in but it is the key to blowing the official version wide open.

Every commercial plane carries a two digit identifier on the noseweheel flap and in Cor Pan’s picture the two letters read RC. MH17 was 9M –MRD. MRD was clearly visible on the fuselage of MH17 on the ground after it crashed. So the letters on MH17’s nose wheel should have read RD not RC. Flight MH370 which disappeared off Malaysia was designated MRO.

RC on that day was Malaysian Airlines’ flight from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai, India – the opposite direction to MH17’s destination of Kuala Lumpur from Schipol, Holland. That plane with designation RC was 5,000 miles east at the time Cor Pan was boarding MH17 in Holland.

Confused government agency

Did someone get confused in their eagerness to cover their tracks? Did someone in a government agency charged with hiding which plane was where make a basic mistake? And why did the yellow hoses leading out from below the aircraft disappear in the official version of the same picture?


Cor Pan’s photo                                                                        


Official media picture minus hose                     

pan_cor_fb_pic 2

Nosewheel  from Cor Pan photo

doctored_pan_cor_pic 2

Nosewheel from official photo

This theory is now the subject of a great deal of internet chatter claiming things like it’s a trick of the light, Mr Pan was on the wrong flight and weirdest conspiracy theory of all is the nose wheel designation actually read RO. Which was MH370’s unique identifier.

Cor Pan’s picture of the plane was circulated in the media after the crash as a “people story” but the inconsistencies in his picture and the official version which was circulated claiming to be his photo have not been identified until now.

Pan’s picture looks very much like others of MH17 on the stand at Schipol Airport.  But Cor Pan’s picture from his Facebook page complete with pipes is of the plane he was about to get on and the nosewheel says RC – the wrong flight. It is claimed the geotag on his picture confirms it was taken at Schipol.

No one can say for sure, possibly even a pixellation analyst who studies faked video and stills professionally, but Mr Pan died on MH17 that day and was nowhere near India. But it seems he was taking a picture of the wrong plane which should have been 5,000 miles away.


MH17 passenger Cor Pan

If you think this through, the story becomes even more tortuous. What if MH370 didn’t crash after all?

What if the total absence of debris from a 500,000 pound plane with 16,000 gallons of aviation fuel on board can be explained by the fact it didn’t crash after all? What if it was smuggled across the world via Diego Garcia, the British-owned island occupied by a US airbase in the middle of the Indian Ocean?

There was a yet to be explained sudden Air Traffic Control radar blackout across a succession of countries from Kazakhstan as far as Germany on June 5th and 10th last year – between when MH370 disappeared and MH17 was shot down. Insiders claim dozens of commercial flights disappeared for as much as 20 minutes at a time along a corridor which stretched thousands of miles in virtually a straight line north from Diego Garcia.

Radar jammed?

It was as if ATC primary and secondary radar was being jammed by forces unknown. The likelihood of more than one radar system having a problem at once is miniscule – big solar flares can do this but it’s doubtful this was the reason.

MH370 disappeared with no explanation why and there is still nothing to offer grieving relatives. Just two months later it happened again to the same airline and an identical plane, a Boeing 777.


Malaysian Airlines MH17.

The world is convinced MH17 was shot out of the sky by a Russian-made Buk 11 surface to air missile. The case has been buried by the media and official channels as if everyone was in a real hurry to forget all about it.

But why, out of the 512 airlines in the world, and 825 commercial planes which overflew that area that week, unhindered and unmolested, did the Russian Separatists pick on that one plane?

The odds of this happening by chance are ridiculously small – 825 to 1 in just that week alone.

Are we really sure it was them and not the Ukrainian Militia who support the official regime who thought they had Putin’s Ilyushin personal jet in their sites?

The paint jobs look incredibly similar, although there is the matter of number of engines. Putin’s flight apparently overflew the same area 40 minutes after MH17. It would have been travelling in the opposite direction, ie east to west. on its way back to Moscow from the BRICS (Brazil Russia India China South Africa) economic conference in Brazil.


Putin’s private jet which overflew the same spot 40 minutes later. The paint scheme is very similar.

The World Bank, their established rivals, are none too happy about the formation of BRICS which is an alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Would the West have put someone up to it and blamed the Separatists? Putin has so much form in the West’s eyes, his disappearance would throw Eastern Europe and Russia itself wide open.

The conspiracy theories are legion and increasingly crazy.

So far no one has come forward to say they saw the SAM smoke trail which should have been very conspicuous after the BUK 11 missile was launched – and those particular rockets leave a big, easy to see trail.

Can we be sure it was a rocket at all? The BUK 11 warhead has a proximity fuse like most rockets and shells. This means it explodes before it intersects its target which causes more damage and spreads the shrapnel from the metal jacket band payload wider, causing more damage. Red hot bits of metal travelling at supersonic speeds are even more destructive than an explosion.

Explosions move outwards like the spokes of a wheel. The shockwave can decimate one victim and leave the next untouched. A friend of mine who was blown up in the IRA Harrod’s car bomb witnessed this phenomenon first hand. The policewoman next to her was blown in half and she was left completely unharmed and alive to tell the tale.

I finally saw some evidence of shrapnel in the media around the cockpit instruments and the forward area of what remained of the fuselage. So the missile may have exploded in front of the aircraft. This would possibly cause an instantaneous disruption to the structural integrity of the fuselage and the plane would have shredded to bits.

I know from previous investigations into other famous crashes I have documented that there are some really odd things about the way bodies react to explosive decompression at height and the way they end up on the ground.

Two in one

But it struck me as very odd the way there were blackened corpses intermingled with completely unburnt bodies. They looked as if they had been arranged or added. And amongst aluminium plane debris which had been turned to ash by the heat of the fire – generally 1500-1800 deg C – there were piles of passports which were untouched.

I have studied the MH17 crash site in detail on video and there are a lot of factors which don’t sit right. When a 500,000lb plane hits the ground hard, there is usually a crater 5-15 metres deep. Almost everything is incinerated in the inevitable aviation fuel fireball.

The MH17 crash site had sections of unburnt, unscorched airframe conveniently emblazoned with its designator to prove to the press it was MH17. There was a lot of structural debris untouched by fire and still intact. To me it looked like material which had been recovered from a crash landing at sea where the plane had not caught fire, exploded or broken up.

A crazy notion occurred to me. Would it be possible to pack debris and corpses into the hold of another plane and let it crash to disguise its origin? Was that why MH370 disappeared without trace?

Did something go catastrophically wrong with the original plan to hijack the plane? Was there an instance of that classic US black ops expression “mission creep” where the original plan goes awry under pressure?

Anything could have been moved around at the crash site in the 24 hours before the press got there, several miles possibly, and the crash could have been interfered with to tell a different story to the real one.


Pristine passports from the crash

People on the scene were quoted as saying some of the bodies seemed as if they had been dead much longer than others which was also my observation. I’ve seen my share of dead people in traumatic circumstances and there is an awful smell. But it is charred flesh not decomposition.

Options on what brought it down

BUK 11 missiles are radar guided so would not climb up the heat signature of the engines behind the aircraft which infra-red heat seeking missiles do. An explosion behind the aircraft could also have been survivable.

BUK 11 have a proximity fuse which means they explode when they detect they are near a target.

The explosion may also have been caused by a bomb on board – and you do wonder why MH17 was curving south slightly 25 kilometres off its approved flightpath. Was the pilot under duress?


Was it shrapnel from an internal bomb in the cockpit?

The recordings of Russian Separatist units discussing the attack and the wreckage were circulated extensively after the crash. Seems like pretty damning evidence except both sides  accused each other and denied the conversations ever took place. But they did.

And why were the Ukrainian air traffic control computer files seized immediately by the authorities? Again, these have not been offered as evidence.

And there were reports of Ukrainian fighter aircraft shadowing commercial jets in the region to either gain access to aeriel reconnaissance of Russian Separatist military positions and strength or be ready to attack any airborne incursions.

In conclusion, because no significant trace of MH370 has ever been found, the condition of some of the bodies at the crash site of MH17 which were in an advanced state of decomposition and the way the site looked “staged”, is it possible two planes were shot down over Ukraine that day?

Or the remains of MH370 was in the hold of MH17?


Lying locals

Cor Pan’s Facebook Page

Uncensored footage of the bodies (graphic)

Missile launcher responsible

Russian rebels discussing the attack

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