Open for business

I think we can all agree it’s been a weird year. I was hit with the nastiest chest infection in January 2020 which I subsequently learned was called Covid 19.

Drone work throughout the pandemic has been slower than usual, even glacial at times. So not much different from most other businesses.

What surprised quite a few clients was to hear we could continue doing what we do throughout the pandemic as it’s pretty difficult to fly a drone from the sofa! Maintaining visual sight like the CAA insist could prove a little tricky.

So if you are worrying about health and safety, Covid rules and production safekeeping, don’t. We have robust safechecks in place. Our operators are tested regularly and are required to complete a health questionnaire pre-shoot every time.

Not too close

As it is, drone shoots tend to be isolated because of the nature of what drones do. We can’t be too close to the public (“uninvolved people”), or anything really.

Are you thinking about commissioning a lovely drone sequence for your shoot or series? Time to get going on the spring campaign for a new commercial? Does your mansion or factory require an inspection from the air?

My background as tv director with dozens of old-school helicopter shoots under my belt stands me in good stead for recreating the same sweeping landscapes with a drone. Oh and I cut my teeth on flying radio controlled model helicopters or should I say crashing rather than flying?

I have over 400 drone flights as a professional pilot logged now.

The inspire 2 drone we use can shoot video in a true movie format up to 6k and in 2:43 70mm wide screen. It records stills as RAW and or JPEG at 40 mp. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s a lot. You can drop that footage into a cinema movie and after the grade you’d never know it wasn’t shot on an Alexa, Blackmagic or a Red.

Let’s talk! You know where to find us. Watch our latest drone videos here.